Social Entrepreneurship Training

  • Organized by the Social Economy Development Foundation Economy in Svinița
  • June 10-12, 2022

The course was attended by 15 people both from the RuralNet member organizations who want to initiate social businesses, but also other people interested in launching such an enterprise. The innovation was brought by our partners from Norway, Furim Institute, who will present their social economy model.

Project management training

  • 05-08 May 2022
  • Organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Social Economy in Horezu

The project management course attended by 15 activists/volunteers of non-governmental organizations members of the #RuralNet network was focused on the introduction and monitoring of community development elements in projects aimed at developing the rural environment in Romania.

Among the topics addressed were

  • Operationalization of community development principles in projects
  • Initiate writing and project management
  • Planning community development projects
  • Management of community development projects
  • Evaluation of community development projects

The workshop "Equality of opportunities in associative structures with an economic role"

  • APRIL 1, 2022
  • Organized by the Center for Mediation and Community Security.

It brought together exceptional moderators and guests, MEPs, parliamentarians, local councilors, members of rural women’s associations and many, many other interesting speakers. There were also many participants and interventions from the networks we are part of as partners and project promoters. The event was about strong women, about women who inspire, about women who get involved.

The Equal opportunities workshop in associative structures with an economic role brought together over 30 representatives – members of the RuralNet network, women leaders in economic and non-economic agricultural associative structures or who work with women from the rural environment, representatives from the local rural public administration, NGOs – who work with rural women, agricultural cooperatives, representatives from LAGs, gender experts, think tanks, parliamentarians and MEPs, representatives of ANES, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Following this “marathon” of good practices and grassroots models, within the project we will submit to the decision makers a policy brief on the topic of equal opportunities.

Workshop Young farmers and associative structures from the rural environment

  • Organized by the Civitas Foundation for Cluj Civil Society.
  • 5-6 September 2021

The first face-to-face event of the Network consolidation project, brought together more than 30 people from NGOs, LAGs, cooperatives, associations of agricultural high schools, local public administration, at the Kemsilvanum - Fort Silvan Guesthouse. We identified programs supporting the rural development, shared examples of good practice and worked together to identify recommendations for the National Strategic Program!