The project

Informations about the RuralNet Project

Implementation period 15.02.2021 – 14.02.2024

The project is built on 2 dimensions – the organizational development of the RuralNet network and the development of an advocacy campaign for an inclusive National Strategic Plan inclusive with young people,promoter of equal opportunities and sustainability of the rural environment,in response to the lack of a relevant actor,who will bring together organisations with experience and expertise in rural development at national level.

Learning activities

  • Training Course – Social entrepreneurship
  • Training Course – Project management
  • 4 specific workshops

Strategic planning

  • 5 meetings with the network members
  • At least 12 NGOs involved
  • A coherent strategy for Ruralnet

Advocacy campaigns

  • 4 policy briefs developed
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • National and international meetings with key shareholders

Advisory Services for members

  • Specialized consulting in social economy structures
  • Expertise in project management

Community development

  • RuralNet national event
  • Recommendation guide