The network

From the past to the future

The network was founded in 2002, and it has becomed an active and nationally recognized network in the period 2004-2010.

RuralNet is the network of NGOs active in Romania that carry out their activity in the field of community development. Through this network, we want to increase the quality of the services provided by the 13 organizations involved and to capitalize on their components and resources.

RuralNet is based on expertise in community development and rural development. The network supports a School of experts in the field of community development in rural areas and is involved in university activity.

RuralNET’s documentation researchs are recognized and used for rural policy-making and is a resource for organizations working at local and regional level in rural areas.

Directions of action

I. Monitoring, Networking and Visibility

Monitoring – RuralNET network has the capacity to monitor rural development policies, to propose and develop public policies, to react to their change/support.

Networking and partnership development Develop the network to become a vibrant and relevant network for member organizations and internal experts;

Visibility and promotion of community development programs – Promotion of the rural environment; Promoting sustainable models for the rural environment based on social economy and circular economy;

II. Resource center with best practices, studies, expertise and training in the field of community development

The formation of a center with reference resources in the field of community development by: Developing resources for learning; Documenting community development models and applying them as methodologies for working directly with local communities. Expertise and training center in the field of community development; Documentation center – Research and studies in community development, etc.


The Vision of the Romanian Rural 2030 (RuralNET)
Villages in Romania are populated by young enthusiastic entrepreneurs, happy people, physically and mentally healthy, educated, who easily associate themselves in organizational structures relevant to local needs, respecting inclusive multi-ethnic values where agritourism is developed and promoted nationally and internationally with a healthy environment and friendly, rich in local resources used intelligently.

RuralNET 2030 Organizational VISION:
Vibrant network of organizations active in community development at the national level, promoters of innovative projects/services in the rural environment with representation in the formulation of public policies.


Increasing the social capital of rural communities in Romania.

Strategic objectives

  • O1. Increasing member involvement in supporting the network
  • O2. Involvement in rural environment research. Measuring the evolution of the social capital of rural communities in Romania – The social capital barometer
  • O3. Promotion of good practices in community development in Romania;
  • O4. Increasing the quality of community development services
  • O5. Developing H.R. skills/skills of rural communities in Romania;